Religions and Their Famous Members Christian Science

A list of famous Christian Scientists including statesmen, writers, and actors.



1. Corinne Griffith, U.S., 1896-.

Silent screen actress, she was known as "the Orchid Lady." Her last husband sued for divorce claiming that she preached Christian Science to him incessantly.

2. Charles "Buddy" Rogers, U.S., 1904-.

Actor, he was dubbed "America's Boyfriend" when he married "America's Sweetheart," Mary Pickford.

3. Kay Kyser, U.S., 1906-.

Popular orchestra leader during the 1940s, he was the son of a pharmacist and is now a Christian Science practitioner in North Carolina.

4. Milton Berle, U.S., 1908-.

Comedian, he once converted to Christian Science from Judaism, prompting a Jewish comedic colleague to comment: "Our loss is their loss."

5. Jean Harlow, U.S., 1911-1937.

Actress and sex symbol. Historians unsympathetic to Christian Science have blamed her early death on her mother's refusal to call a physician, although evidence indicates there were other factors involved.

6. Ginger Rogers, U.S., 1911-.

Actress, dancer.

7. Lionel Hampton, U.S., 1914-.

Orchestra leader.

8. Charles Percy, U.S., 1919-.

U.S. senator from Illinois.

9. Carol Channing, U.S., 1923-.

Comedienne and actress best known for her role in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, she is the daughter of George Channing, teacher and editor for the Christian Science Publishing Society.

10. Glynis Johns, British, 1923-.


11. Doris Day, U.S., 1924-.

Actress. Though she claims she "still believes in Mrs. Eddy's teachings," she is no longer interested in organized religion.

12. Marilyn Monroe, U.S., 1926-1962.

Actress. Though she briefly converted to Judaism while married to Arthur Miller, biographers claim that this "didn't take" and that Christian Science was really the only religion she ever knew.

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