Religions and Their Famous Members Judaism and Jewish Tradition

A list of famous Jews including statesmen, writers, and actors.



1. Felix Mendelssohn. German, 1809-1847.

Musical conductor, composer, and pianist.

2. Sarah Bernhardt, French, 1844-1923.


3. Sigmund Freud, Austrian, 1856-1939.

Founder of psychoanalysis.

4. Henri Bergson, French, 1859-1941.

Philosopher, awarded the Nobel Prize in literature in 1927.

5. Emma Goldman, U.S. (Russian-born), 1869-1940.

Anarchist best known for her activities in the U.S., where she was imprisoned in 1917 and later deported to Russia for denouncing the draft and publicly endorsing abortion.

6. Helena Rubinstein, U.S. (Polish-born), 1871-1965.

Cosmetics manufacturer.

7. Andre Citroen, French, 1878-1935.

Industrialist and automobile manufacturer.

8. Albert Einstein, German, 1879-1955.

Physicist and mathematician.

9. Amedeo Modigliani, Italian, 1884-1920.

Sculptor and painter.

10. Niels Bohr, Danish, 1885-1962.

Physicist known for his revolutionary work in atomic structure. Forced in 1943 to flee Nazi-occupied Denmark for the U.S., where he worked on atomic bomb research.

11. Al Jolson, U.S., (Russian-born), 1886-1950.

Vaudeville entertainer and screen actor.

12. Marc Chagall, Russian, 1887-.

Expressionist painter and printmaker.

13. Theda Bara, U.S., 1890-1955.

Silent screen actress.

14. Dorothy Parker, U.S., 1893-1967.

Writer and humorist.

15. Edward G. Robinson, U.S., 1893-1973.

Stage and screen actor.

16. Groucho Marx, U.S., 1895-1977.

Stage, screen, and radio comedian.

17. Benny Leonard, U.S., 1896-1947.

World lightweight boxing champion, 1917-1925.

18. Walter Winchell, U.S., 1897-1972.

Syndicated newspaper columnist and radio commentator.

19. George Gershwin, U.S., 1898-1937.

Musician and composer.

20. Meyer Lansky, U.S., 1902-.

Syndicate boss.

21. J. Robert Oppenheimer, U.S., 1904-1967.

Physicist known for his research on the atomic bomb.

22. Jonas Salk, U.S., 1914-.

Physician, developed vaccine for the prevention of polio.

23. Boris Spassky, Russian, 1937-.

Former world chess champion.

24. Bob Dylan, U.S., 1941-.

Musician and composer.

25. Mark Spitz, U.S., 1950-.

Swimmer and Olympic gold medal winner, 1968 and 1972.

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