Religions and Their Famous Members Lutherans

A list of famous Lutherans including statesmen, writers, and actors.



1. Johann Andrea, German, 1586-1654.

Founded Rosicrucian Society; a secret organization.

2. Louis Agassiz, U.S. (Swiss-born), 1807-1873.


3. Soren Kierkegaard, Danish, 1813-1855.

Philosopher and theologian.

4. Albert Schweitzer, French, 1875-1965.

Medical missionary to Africa, musicologist, organist, theologian, he was an ordained Lutheran pastor.

5. Reinhold Niebuhr, U.S., 1892-1971.

Lutheran pastor and theologian.

6. Jean-Paul Sartre, French, 1905-.

Philosopher, novelist, dramatist, and founder of modern existentialism; like his cousin, Albert Schweitzer, he was reared in the Lutheran faith.

7. Dag Hammarskjold, Swedish, 1905-1961.

Secretary general of the U.N.

8. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, German, 1906-1945.

Anti-Nazi leader and martyr, he organized an underground theological school in Germany and was accused of participating in a plot to kill Hitler. He was hanged by the Gestapo.

9. Walter Reuther, U.S., 1907-1970.

Labor leader.

10. I. W. Abel, U.S., 1908-.

Labor leader, he was a pioneer in the organization of the steel industry in the 1930s.

11. Eric Sevareid, U.S., 1912-.

Television commentator, news analyst, writer, reporter, editor, columnist.

12. Ingmar Bergman, Swedish, 1918-.

Screenwriter and director.

13. Helmut Schmidt, German, 1918-.

Fifth chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany.

14. James Schlesinger, U.S., 1929-.

Economist, energy adviser under President Carter.

15. Max von Sydow, Swedish, 1929-.


16. John Updike, U.S., 1932-.

Writer, he was a deacon in the Lutheran Church.

17. Jean Seberg, U.S., 1938-.


18. Liv Ullmann, Norwegian (Japanese-born), 1939-.

Actress. The Norwegian State Church refused to baptize her daughter by Ingmar Bergman.

19. Margrethe II, Danish, 1940-.

Queen of Denmark.

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