Religions and Their Famous Members Methodists

A list of famous Methodists including statesmen, writers, and actors.



1. Ulysses S. Grant, U.S., 1822-1885.

President of the U.S. and military general, he was succeeded in the presidency by two other Methodists, Rutherford B. Hayes and William McKinley.

2. Margaret Chase Smith, U.S., 1897-.

U.S. senator, served longer in the Senate than any other woman.

3. Norman Vincent Peale, U.S., 1898-.

Minister and author.

4. Alistair Cooke, British, 1908-.

Author, journalist, broadcaster.

5. Tom Bradley, U.S., 1917-.

Lawyer and mayor of Los Angeles.

6. Taufa'ahau Tupou IV, Tongan, 1918-.

King of Tonga, a Polynesian kingdom most of whose citizens are Methodists.

7. Craig Claiborne, U.S., 1920-.

Gastronomist, journalist, and food editor (New York Times).

8. George McGovern, U.S., 1922-.

U.S. senator and presidential candidate, he is the son of a Methodist minister.

9. James Arness, U.S., 1923-.


10. Tom Landry, U.S. 1924-.

Professional football coach, director of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

11. Patricia Neal, U.S., 1926-.


12. Lurleen Wallace, U.S., 1926-1968.

First woman governor of the state of Alabama.

13. Nina Simone, U.S., 1933-.

Singer, composer, pianist, her mother was a Methodist minister.

14. Bart Starr, U.S., 1934-.

Football player, active Methodist layman.

15. Rex Reed, U.S., 1938-.

Journalist and motion picture critic.

16. David Frost, British, 1939-.

Television producer, performer, interviewer, and writer, son of a Methodist minister.

17. Roberta Flack, U.S., 1940-.

Singer, musician, composer.

18. Fran Tarkenton, U.S., 1940-.

Professional football player, son of a Methodist minister.

19. Dionne Warwicke, U.S., 1941-.

Singer, began her musical career as a gospel singer.

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