Religions and Their Famous Members Mormons

A list of famous Mormons including statesmen, athletes, and artists.



1. Brigham Young, U.S., 1801-1887.

Mormon convert, missionary, and colonist whose practice of polygamy (he had 27 wives) led to his being replaced as territorial governor of Utah.

2. Joseph Smith, U.S., 1805-1844.

Founder of the Mormon faith and candidate for the U.S. presidency in 1844 when he was arrested in Illinois, then dragged from his cell by an anti-Mormon mob and murdered.

3. Reed Smoot, U.S., 1862-1941.

First Mormon to be elected to the U.S. Senate (1902).

4. Gutzon Borglum, U.S., 1867-1941.

Sculptor most noted for the 60-ft. heads of U.S. presidents on Mt. Rushmore, S.D., a project that took 14 years to complete.

5. Harvey Fletcher, U.S., 1884-.

Known as the father of stereophonic sound, Fletcher developed the world's first stereophonic system.

6. Jack Dempsey, U.S., 1895-.

Former world heavyweight champion. "Jack-Mormons," a term referring to inactive church members, may have been coined in his honor.

7. Ezra Taft Benson, U.S., 1899-.

Controversial secretary of agriculture during the Eisenhower administration and next in line for the presidency of the Mormon Church.

8. J. Willard Marriott, U.S., 1900-.

Former director of American Motors Corp. and currently director and chairman of the Marriott Corp.

9. David M. Kennedy, U.S., 1905-.

Secretary of the treasury and ambassador to NATO during the Nixon administration.

10. Philo T. Farnsworth, U.S., 1906-1971.

Radio and television research engineer and innovator.

11. George Romney, U.S., 1907-.

Politician and former governor of Michigan.

12. James A. "Dinosaur Jim" Jensen, U.S., 1918-.

Discovered both the world's largest and smallest dinosaurs; his archaeological findings verified the theory of continental drift.

13. Jack Anderson, U.S., 1922-.

Syndicated columnist and muckraker.

14. Billy Casper, U.S., 1931-.

Professional golfer.

15. Gene Fullmer, U.S., 1931-.

Former world middleweight boxing champion.

16. Harmon Killebrew, U.S., 1936-.

Professional baseball player.

17. Johnny Miller, U.S., 1940-.

Professional golfer.

18. Merlin Olsen, U.S., 1940-.

Former professional football player.

19. Donny Osmond, U.S., 1958-.

20. Marie Osmond, U.S., 1960-.

Brother-sister singers popular among teenagers.

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