Religions and Their Famous Members Presbyterians

A list of famous Presbyterians including statesmen, athletes, and artists.



1. Peter Minuit, Dutch, 1580-1638.

Spiritual descendant of Calvinists in France (Huguenots) and the Netherlands (Reformed Church), he was a deacon in the Reformed Church and director general of New Netherland (New York) and New Sweden (Delaware) and bought the island of Manhattan from the Indians for $24.

2. Andrew Jackson, U.S., 1767-1845.

Seventh president of the U.S., he was succeeded in office by six other Presbyterians, the last of whom was Dwight D. Eisenhower, a convert while in the White House.

3. Jomo Kenyatta, Kenyan, 1891-.

President of the Republic of Kenya. He was baptized in the Church of Scotland (Presbyterian) and, despite his general program of africanization, he still considers himself a Christian.

4. Hendrik Verwoerd, South African, 1901-1966.

Prime minister of the Republic of South Africa.

5. Carl McIntyre, U.S., 1906-.

Presbyterian minister and anti-Communist, he founded the American and International Council of Churches in order to protest liberal trends in the National and World Councils of Churches.

6. Warren E. Burger, U.S., 1907-.

Chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

7. Juliana, Dutch, 1909-.

Queen of the Netherlands, she is a member of the state church (Reformed).

8. Dean Rusk, U.S., 1909-.

U.S. secretary of state.

9. Lucille Ball, U.S., 1911-.

Actress, comedienne, and business executive.

10. Ronald Reagan, U.S., 1911-.

Actor, politician, and governor of California.

11. Robert McNamara, U.S., 1916-.

U.S. secretary of defense; president of the World Bank.

12. David Brinkley, U.S., 1920-.

Journalist and broadcaster.

13. Melvin Laird, U.S., 1922-.

U.S. secretary of defense.

14. Dick Van Dyke, U.S., 1925-.

Actor and comedian.

15. Ian Paisley, Irish, 1926-.

Leader of the working-class militant Protestant movement in Northern Ireland, he is a Presbyterian minister and member of Parliament.

16. Walter Mondale, U.S., 1928-.

Vice-president of the U.S.

17. Frank Gifford, U.S., 1930-.

Professional football player and sportscaster.

18. Debbie Reynolds, U.S., 1932-.

Actress and singer.

19. Carol Lawrence, U.S., 1934-.


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