Religions and Their Famous Members Quakers

A list of famous Quakers including statesmen, athletes, and artists.



1. William Penn, U.S. (British-born), 1644-1718.

Founder of the colony, later state, of Pennsylvania. Penn saw this enterprise as a holy experiment, a haven for Quakers and other persons persecuted for their religion.

2. Edward Lloyd, British, 1688-1713.

Founded Lloyd's of London.

3. Nathanael Greene, U.S., 1742-1786.

Revolutionary general and war hero.

4. Betsy Ross, U.S., 1752-1836.

According to legend, she was the designer and maker of the first American flag.

5. John Dalton, British, 1766-1844.

Chemist and physicist.

6. Lucretia Mott, U.S., 1793-1880.

Friends minister, abolitionist, feminist, and temperance advocate, helped found Swarthmore College.

7. Johns Hopkins, U.S., 1795-1873.

Merchant, banker, and philanthropist, founded Johns Hopkins University.

8. Ezra Cornell, U.S., 1807-1874.

Financier and philanthropist, helped develop a nationwide telegraph system and founded Cornell University.

9. John Greenleaf Whittier, U.S., 1807-1892.

Poet, often called "the Quaker Poet."

10. Edwin Stanton, U.S., 1814-1869.

Secretary of war under Lincoln and Johnson.

11. Walt Whitman, U.S., 1819-1892.


12. Joseph Lister, British, 1827-1912.

Surgeon, discovered antiseptic medicine. He was the first medical person named to the House of Lords.

13. Herbert Hoover, U.S., 1874-1964.

President of the U.S., he was succeeded in office by one other Quaker, Richard M. Nixon.

14. Christopher Morley, U.S., 1890-1957.


15. Jorge Luis Borges, Argentinean, 1899-.

Poet, author essayist.

16. Jessamyn West, U.S., 1907-.

Author. Her novel Friendly Persuasion told the story of the struggle of the Quakers during the Civil War.

17. Mary Calderone, U.S., 1904-.

Physician, she pioneered sex education in the public schools and directed the Planned Parenthood organization.

18. James Michener, U.S., 1907-.


19. Julian Bond, U.S., 1940-.

Legislator, civil rights activist.

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