Religions and Their Famous Members Unitarians

A list of famous Unitarians including statesmen, athletes, and artists.



1. Joseph Priestley, British, 1733-1804.

Scientist, discovered oxygen.

2. John Adams, U.S., 1735-1826.

Second president of the U.S, he was succeeded in office by four other Unitarians, Thomas Jefferson (a sometime Unitarian), John Quincy Adams, Millard Fillmore, and William Howard Taft.

3. William Ellery Channing, U.S., 1780-1842.

Lecturer, author, and ordained Unitarian minister, he popularized the religion in the U.S. and defined the faith as "the religion of Jesus . . . summed up in the love to God and love to man."

4. William Prescott, U.S., 1796-1859.

Historian, wrote The History of the Conquest of Mexico.

5. Samuel Gridley Howe, U.S., 1801-1876.

Successfully taught the first blind deafmute, Laura Bridgman.

6. Ralph Waldo Emerson, U.S., 1803-1882.

Poet and essayist, leader of the Transcendentalist movement in American Unitarianism.

7. Nathaniel Hawthorne, U.S., 1804-1864.


8. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, U.S., 1807-1882.


9. Margaret Fuller, U.S., 1810-1850.

Lecturer, writer, and ardent feminist.

10. Henry Bergh, U.S., 1811-1888.

Founder of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

11. Henry David Thoreau, U.S., 1817-1862.

Essayist, poet, naturalist, member of the Transcendentalist movement.

12. James Russell Lowell, U.S., 1819-1891.

Poet, critic, diplomat, social reformer, first editor of The Atlantic Monthly.

13. Julia Ward Howe, U.S., 1819-1910.

Reformer, songwriter, author of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic."

14. Clara Barton, U.S., 1821-1912.

Nurse, philanthropist, founder of the American Red Cross.

15. Edward Everett Hale, U.S., 1822-1909.

Unitarian clergyman, author of The Man without a Country.

16. Francis Parkman, U.S., 1823-1893.

Historian, founded the Archaeological Institute of America.

17. Louisa May Alcott, U.S., 1832-1888.


18. Charles Steinmetz, U.S. (German-born), 1865-1923.

Electrical engineer, formulated many improvements on generators and motors.

19. Frank Lloyd Wright, U.S., 1869-1959.


20. Allan Nevins, U.S., 1890-1971.

Historian and journalist, winner of two Pulitzer Prizes in biography.

21. Adlai Stevenson, U.S., 1900-1965.

Governor of Illinois, Democratic candidate for the U.S. presidency, U.S. ambassador to the U.N.

22. Ashley Montagu, British, 1905-.

Anthropologist, social biologist, and popularizer of science.

23. Norman Cousins, U.S., 1912-.

Journalist, editor of The Saturday Review.

24. Rod Serling, U.S., 1924-1975.

Television writer, producer of The Twilight Zone, winner of eight Emmy Awards.

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