Review of a Golf Ball Inside and Out

A review of both the inside and outside of a golf ball including a description, facts, figures and more.


A good shot can easily result in a traveling away of the ball from the club head with the velocity of a fast train: 150 kilometers (95 mi.) per hour, but long hitters may produce speeds of 250 kilometers (160 mi.) per hour.

The normal depth of the "dimples" in the cover is 0.3 millimeter (0.013 in.). It is estimated that if they were only one tenth of this depth, the flight to "first bounce," other things being equal, would be halved.

The dimpled surface of the ball also helps to get "backspin," which is said to amount to some 60 revolutions per second from a good tee shot. This is not far behind the revolution speed of the motor in a small automobile (6,000 revolutions per minute, or 100 per second)! But a 9-iron shot spinning at 170 revolutions per second is no exception. Such figures may look surprising to a golfer, but perhaps the confidence in his own ability will be restored when he calculates that in his 200-meter (220-yd.) drive, the ball will travel 1 meter (3.3 ft.) before it has completed one revolution.

In your speech at the golf club's annual dinner, ask how many dimples there are on the cover of a golf ball. The conservative diners may say 100, and the progressive, perhaps, 200, but there are actually 332.

Inside of the golf ball is a thin rubber thread, stretched to the length of a good tee shot, 255 meters (285 yd.); compare this with the world's record drive of 390 meters (430 yd.) or with a somewhat poorer tee shot with a carry like the overall length of the Queen Elizabeth or the France, the world's largest liners (about 320 meters, or 345 yd.).

This stretched thread of rubber exerts a force on the inner core of the golf ball which exceeds the weight of a large car, being about 3,000 kilograms (7,500 lb.). The energy stored in the thread is enough to raise a man weighing 70 kilograms (150 lb.) off the ground to a height of 60 centimeters (2 ft.).

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