Richest People in History Henry Ford Part 2

About Henry Ford, history, biography and worth of one of the richest men in history.



In 1918 Henry Ford bought the Dearborn Independent weekly newspaper to publicize his political ideas. On May 22, 1920, the independent began a 90-issue series of anti-Semitic articles with a front-page article entitled "The International Jew: The World's Problem." The articles blamed Jews for seeking to obtain world control of politics, finance, and commerce by the use of wars, revolt, and disorder. Ford stopped printing the series in early 1922, but in 1924-1925 the Independent published a series of anti-Semitic articles about Aaron Sapiro, the Chicago lawyer responsible for creating cooperative marketing arrangements for farmers. Sapiro sued Ford, who settled the case out of court and, on July 27, 1927, published a personal apology to Sapiro and retracted all his attacks on Jews. At the end of 1927 Ford stopped publishing the Independent.

Although Ford lost his industrial supremacy to General Motors by failing to improve the Model T or to introduce new models until the Model A in the late 1920s, his empire on wheels was still rolling when he died in Dearborn on Apr. 7, 1947.

How Much?

No believer in "sentimental idealism" where money was concerned, Henry Ford did not attempt to emulate the philanthropic precedent set by John D. Rockefeller. He did distribute some $40 million between 1908 and 1947, and with his son, Edsel, established the Ford Foundation in 1936, but the foundation (eventually amounting to 75% of the family's holdings in the Ford Motor Company) was not the recipient of much Ford wealth during Henry's lifetime. When the old man passed on, leaving the carmaking business he had created to his grandson, Henry Ford II, his fortune amounted to slightly more than $1 billion.

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