Riddles and Brain Teasers Part 1 Questions

A collection of fun riddles and brain teasers for those who love puzzles and games.


1. The king's men have come to collect the tithe, which this week consists of a crate of apples. You knew that he would require apples, oranges, or a mixture of the two, and so you have already prepared three crates which you labeled "apples," "oranges," and "apples and oranges." Now your son tells you he has switched all the labels on the crates, and your heart sinks. You only have time to reach into one box and grab one piece of fruit, for the king's men are impatient and quick on the trigger. How do you know which is the crate of apples?

2. It has come to this. You are faced with two identical doors, one of which leads to eternal damnation and hellfire, the other to eternal peace and bliss. Before the doors stand two men, one of whom is an angel who always tells the truth, the other a demon who always lies. But they look alike, and you may ask only one question to help you choose which door to take. What do you do?

3. The boys' club conducted a raid on the Wilson orchard and came back with a quantity of apples, which they proceeded to divide equally among them. Norman declared that he thought that the apples should be divided by families. As there were two Marx brothers and two Harris brothers, this redivision would mean that each share would be increased by three apples. With the discussion still going on, up walked Butch, president of the club by divine right of knuckle. Butch naturally demanded a piece of the action, and was duly presented an apple from each boy present. This made all shares equal.

How many apples had the boys taken?

4. The local brew-meister has a barrel of beer which he says is more than half full but which he will sell for half price. You look into it and declare that to you it seems less than half full. How might you resolve this dilemma if you have neither a measuring rod nor any other container?

5. Members of the Order of the Green Tongue were having their annual parade, and the Grand Falutin ordered them to form ranks of three abreast.

When all had complied, there was one man left over, so the Falutin changed his order. "Form ranks of five abreast," he commanded. But after this rearrangement there were two men left over. The Falutin tried again, making it seven abreast, but this time there were three men left out.

"Last year," he recalled, "we had 495 men, so they made even 11s. We have fewer this year, but let's try 11s." Elevens didn't work either, there being four men left over. By this time the crowd was beginning to snicker, so the Falutin ordered the four left-overs to march ahead of the group and the parade went ahead.

How many members marched in the parade?

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