Riddles and Brain Teasers Part 3 Answers

Answers to a collection of fun riddles and brain teasers for those who love puzzles and games.



1. Reach into the crate labeled "apples and oranges." If you assume that your son told you the truth, that he switched all of the labels, then this crate cannot contain both apples and oranges. Thus, if you pull out an apple, this must be the crate of apples. If you pull out an orange, the crate of apples must be the one marked "oranges."

2. Ask either man what the other would say if you asked which door to take, then open the opposite door. Good luck. (You might instead ask either man what he himself would have said had you asked himself would have said had you asked him which door leads to heaven, then take him at his word.)

3. The boys had taken 72 apples.

4. Tip the barrel until the beer comes just to the top. If you can see any of the bottom of the barrel, it is less than half full.

5. There were 367 members of the Order on parade, this being the only number below 495 that satisfies all the conditions.

6. 7 cuts. The best way to visualize this is to consider that with each additional cut, you can add a maximum of as many pieces as there have been cuts. Thus, the first cut yields 2 pieces, the second 2 more, the third 3 more, etc. 2 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 = 29.

7. All of these problems are based on the fact that the minute hand moves 12 times as fast as the hour hand. Thus, D = 12d, where D is the distance traveled by the minute hand and d is the distance traveled by the hour hand in the same time interval.

a. 27 3/11 minutes after five (D = d + 25).

b. 10 10/11 minutes after five (D + 15 = d + 25).

c. 16 4/11 minutes. This is the same as the answer to (a) minus the answer to (b).

8. Hank is 21; Bob is 18. This may be arrived at algebraically by solving the two equations H - 3 = B and B - 6 = 1/2 (H + 3), H and B being Hank and Bill's current ages.

9. His instructions for the race continued: "Let each man ride the other's horse."

10. The label will be on the outside in back. Now try it.

11. You put one vial of water in one of the boxes and all the rest of the vials in the other. Then you have a 50-50 chance that the king will choose the box with only water, and 9 chances out of 19 if he chooses the other box.

12. 1 4 7 5

6 7 7

/ 1 0 3 2 5

1 0 3 2 5

8 8 5 0

/ 9 9 8 5 7 5

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