Russian Writer and Pacifist Leo Tolstoy

About the Russian writer and pacifist Leo Tolstoy, history and biography of the famous Russian.


LEO TOLSTOI (1828--1910)

His Person: Russian count, novelist, and moral philosopher who is considered one of the world's greatest writers. Passed a reckless, pleasure-seeking youth. Dropped out of school and began to write while in the army. Won recognition as a military hero and literary figure. His War and Peace and Anna Karenina are considered masterpieces. Converted to Christ's teachings and embraced the principle of nonresistance to evil. Freed his serfs, renounced his titles and estates, and began writing popular stories for the peasants. Promoted vegetarianism, progressive education, and the power of responsible individual action. Rejected authority, violence, and all organizations based on the premise of force, including Church and State. Was excommunicated. Published widely read pamphlets and essays espousing a personal religion, the abolition of property and classes, and the transformation of society. Wrote The Kingdom of God Is Within You and The Law of Love and the Law of Violence.

His Belief: "Resist not evil' means 'Do not resist the evil man,' which means 'Do no violence to another,' which means 'Commit no act that is contrary to love.'... To get rid of an enemy, one must love him."

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