Saturn - Astrology and Astrological View

About Saturn's role in astrology and different astrological views on Saturn.


Astrological View: In ancient and medieval times, Saturn was the most dreaded of planets. Its influence was considered almost entirely baneful, governing old age, sickness, and death, and imparting dourness, coldness, and melancholy. Saturn also governed cats, moles, mice, wolves, bears, crocodiles, birds, bats, owls, and all serpents and venomous creatures, and it ruled the color black.

It remained the most potent of planets during the Renaissance, but its possibilities broadened. Melancholy could produce the poet and scholar as well as the malcontent and madman. Although it is still regarded as being restrictive and inhibiting, its qualities can be favorable under certain circumstances. A Saturnian can exhibit the positive traits of patience, trustworthiness, and self-discipline. Capricorn falls under the control of Saturn. Although Aquarius now lies within the domain of Uranus, it too was traditionally a Saturnian sign.

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