Saturn - Scientific Theories and Mysteries

About Saturn, scientific theories for the unexplained mysteries of Saturn including its rings.


Theories and Mysteries: Theories have been developed to explain all of the major features of Saturn, but the evidence in support of these theories varies widely. It is well established that a satellite will be shattered by tidal forces if it comes too near its planet. In all probability, this theory accounts for the rings of Saturn, although it is not known whether an existing satellite got too close or whether the unstabilizing forces kept a satellite from forming.

Models of Saturn's physical structure have been calculated and preliminary theories constructed to account for the bands encircling the planet and its changes in color and intensity. Given the many gaps in our knowledge of the earth's atmosphere, it will be decades, if not longer, before flyby probes and manned space investigations can offer definite knowledge of what lies in and under the cloudy cover of this remote world.

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