Science Fiction Predictions D.G. Compton

About the predictions of major sci-fi writer D.G. Compton in his book Farewell, Earth's Bliss including colonies on Mars and space travel.


Predictor: D. G. COMPTON

D. G. Compton (b. 1930), an urbane Londoner, is little known in the U.S., but has managed to gain great critical recognition from such writers as Ursula K. Le Guin. Synthajoy, first published in 1968, is one of his best books. He has often been called the Franz Kafka of SF. His most recent book, A Usual Lunacy, is based on the premise that love is, quite literally, a viral infection which simultaneously develops in two otherwise dissimilar individuals.


First published in England in 1966.

Future Predictions:

* Manned spaceflight to Mars.

* Mars is used as a penal colony, primarily for hardened criminals and political misfits, much like Australia in the 19th century.

* Mars is a desert world, virtually lifeless, with just one plant species, an edible lichen, and one rabbitlike rodent surviving.

* Abandoned spaceships are used for housing on Mars.

* Homosexuality in the budding colony is punishable by death.

* Execution on Mars consists of being left outside after sunset (even with a spacesuit on, a person freezes to death).

* A rigid, conservative culture develops, with mandatory participation by colonists in the labor forces (no work, no food), strict religious practices, and government by the privileged few.

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