Science Fiction Predictions Robert A. Heinlein

About the predictions of major sci-fi writer Robert A. Heinlein in his book The Past Through Tomorrow including ones about space travel and flight.


Robert A. Heinlein (b. 1907) is near the top of everyone's list of great SF writers. The only man ever to win four Hugo awards for best SF novel of the year, Heinlein began his career as an Annapolis cadet, joining the U.S. Navy in the late 1920s. When he was invalided out in the early Depression years, he turned to writing. His most successful novel, Stranger in a Strange Land, was an underground classic on college campuses during the late 1960s.


These are stories from his famous Future History series, originally published in the 1940s and 1950s, but collected in this form in 1967.

Successful Predictions:

* First manned rocket to the Moon by 1978.

* Synthetic foods by 2070.

Future Predictions:

* A machine that predicts human life spans.

* Transatlantic rocket flights.

* A shortage of gas for cars results in the creation of a system of mechanized conveyor roadways, some stretching 600 mi. between major U.S. cities and running at speeds up to 100 mph.

* Commercial rocket travel.

* Permanent settlements on the Moon.

* Interplanetary travel (spaceflight temporarily abandoned 2020).

* Settlement of planets (about 2000).

* Ultraconservative religious fanatics take over the U.S. government (2020).

* Booster guns with secondary firing chambers halfway up their barrels to give greater muzzle velocity and firing power (2050).

* Weather control (2070).

* Reestablishment of free representative government (2070).

* Resumption of space exploration (2070).

* Development of elements 98-416 (2100; elements 98-106 have already been synthesized).

* Human longevity attained through selective breeding and the use of organ transplant and blood transfusion (2125).

* Suspended animation for extended spaceflight (2125).

* Faster-than-light spaceships.

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