Sexual Teachings of Abraham and Hannah Stone Part 2

About the husband and wife team Abraham and Hannah Stone, biography and history of their sexual teachings and book A Marriage Manual.


ABRAHAM STONE (1890-1959), Russia and the U.S., and HANNAH STONE (1894-1941), U.S.


A decorous book, which in its early editions resembled a round-cornered, black-covered Bible, A Marriage Manual is set up as a series of question-answer sessions between a doctor and a young couple about to be married. In the preface, the authors say, "For many years we have had the opportunity in lectures and consultations to discuss with men and women their problems of sex and marriage. During the course of our work, we have become familiar with the practical and intimate sexual and marital problems that confront the average individual. . . . Our aim has been to deal mainly with the individual aspect of sex contact rather than with the social, ethical, or moral problems of sex contact. As such, this volume is offered primarily as a practical guide to sex and marriage. . . ."

The book displays a liberal attitude toward masturbation (OK within limits), sex play, variety, and sexual activity for young people (they recommend "junior marriage"--childless and easily dissolved--for adolescents).

However, most women today would not put up with their recommendation for duration of sexual intercourse: "The duration of the act of coitus. . . is subject to wide variations, and men differ greatly in their so-called 'staying power.' Ordinarily . . . the ejaculation should not come for about one to two minutes after intromission, at least not until after . . . 10, 20, or more coital movements."

In their research, the Stones found that 76% of women had a "normal sexual attitude" (whatever that is), 20% were indifferent to sex, and 4% didn't like it. Other research at the Kopp Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau showed that 85% of couples had intercourse two to three times a week and only 4% engaged in it at least once a day--a finding confirmed by a study of 3,000 women conducted by the Stones.

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