Story Behind Inventors and Inventions Potato Chips

About the origins, history and story behind the scenes of the inventor and invention of potato chips.

Extraordinary Stories behind Ordinary Objects That Had to Be Invented by Someone

Invention: Potato chips

Inventor: Unknown

Year: 1867

How Invented: In 1867, purely by accident, a Negro chef employed at a Saratoga Springs hotel dropped a small quantity of thinly sliced potatoes into hot cooking oil, and instantly the world had a new delicacy. Since at the time Saratoga Springs was the "Queen of Spas," frequented by the cream of high society, fads emanating from there found instant success. Almost overnight, consequently, the potato chip became the new rage of Saratoga. Whether promenading down the wide avenues or sitting on the huge veranda of the famous United States Hotel, one was likely to see such moneyed people as the Vanderbilts daintily eating potato chips from paper cups. The elegant "Saratoga chips" remained the delicacy of the wealthy until 1925, when the first plant devoted exclusively to the making of potato chips was constructed in Albany, N.Y., by A.A. Walter & Company. With the advent of mass production, the potato chip, once a fad of the wealthy, became a commonplace household item.

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