Tennis Sports Oddities and Trivia

Some random facts and trivia about the sport tennis.



A Wimbledon match between F. Resely and S. H. Smith in 1904 was tied at two sets apiece. The players, partners in an upcoming doubles match, agreed to toss a coin to determine the winner, because they wanted to preserve their energy for their doubles match. Resely won the toss and the match.

The National endowment for the Humanities made a $2,500 grant to Arlington County, Va., to find out why people are rude to one another on public tennis courts. The study won Sen. William Proxmire's (D.-Wis.) Golden Fleece Award for frivolous public spending.

Fried onions were banned from Wimbledon in 1973, reportedly because blue bloods in the center-court stands were offended by the odor.

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