The Book of Garlic by Lloyd J. Harris

An excerpt from the book The Book of Garlic by Lloyd J. Harris a tribute to the herb including the Garlic Saint and pickled garlic.

THE BOOK OF GARLIC by Lloyd J. Harris. New York: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 1974.

About the Book:Lloyd J. Harris, who loves garlic, has written a humorous tribute to his favorite herb. His book is packed full of garlic anecdotes, superstitions, literary excerpts, and recipes; indeed, it contains everything you never knew you wanted to know about garlic. Harris takes an extensive look at garlic folk remedies (for earache, for example, you place a peeled but uncut garlic clove in your ear and leave it there all day) and also guides the reader on an enchanting tour through Alburria--Land of the Sacred Garlic. Licita Fernandez's fanciful illustrations complement the text and contribute to a very entertaining volume.

From the Book:

The Garlic Saint

A spokesman for the Tantric Research Institute in Oakland, California, tells the following story concerning the Sufi Saint Nirale Miyan, who is now a strong 95 and lives in Rampur.

The Saint cures tuberculosis patients by having them live in a room completely filled with garlic; garlic stuffed in the mattress and pillows, garlic hanging from the ceiling and bulging out of cupboards and closets. The patient also wears a necklace of garlic. The Saint is said to have cured many people in this manner.

Pickled Garlic

A good way to eat garlic without cooking it is to pickle the cloves in vinegar, soy sauce, honey, or wine. These liquids can be mixed in various combinations. The garlic retains its active principles, yet it is not as harsh. The liquids in which the garlic has been preserved for weeks or even months absorb the strong odor, and the clove becomes soft and mild. Vinegar prevents the garlic from sprouting and thus preserves the garlic. The sprouting process changes the substances in garlic, which increase the odor. Make sure that the jar in which the garlic is pickling is airtight, since any air will oxidize the garlic. Store in a cool place. A whole clove, preserved in any of the above liquids, can be taken with some of the liquid as a medical preparation or as a snack.

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