The Moon - Astrology and Astrological View

About the Moon's role in astrology and different astrological views on the moon.


Astrological View: The earliest astrologers accorded the moon a special significance as the shepherd of the stars. It dominated agricultural and animal growth for reasons already cited, and with the passage of time astrologers augmented the influence attributed to it. It is considered feminine, cold, moist, and phlegmatic, neither fortunate nor unfortunate in itself, but according to the aspects of other planets. It controls the astrological sign of Cancer. When the moon is "well dignified," it produces engaging manners, an imaginative mind, love for the arts, fondness for travel, but aversion to activity. When "ill dignified," it causes a misshapen form and an indolent and worthless disposition.

The moon influences palsy, epilepsy, lunacy, coughs, intestinal diseases, measles, and all diseases of the eye. It rules dogs, otters, amphibious creatures, crabs, and lobsters, as well as ducks, geese, and water birds in general. Its mineral is silver, its gems are pearls and soft stones, and its colors are white, pale green, and pale yellow.

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