The Moon - Statistics

About the statistics of the Moon including, size, mass, temperature, and orbit and revolution length in time.



Mass: About 1/80 that of Earth.

Temperature: The temperature of the moon varies from a minimum nighttime temperature of about-260 deg.F to a maximum daytime temperature of about 250 deg. F.

Time to revolve around the earth: If we track its movement against the stars, the moon takes 27 1/3 days to complete its orbit around the earth; this is the sidereal month. Because the earth moves around the sun, it takes about two more days of travel to bring the moon in line with earth and sun again, as a new moon. This period of lunar phases, the synodic month, is 29 1/2 days.

Time to rotate on its axis: The moon always keeps the same face toward the earth, so its rotational period is the same as its orbital period, 27 1/3 days.

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