The Sun - Lore

About the sun, lore, myths, legends, and theories from different cultures.


Lore: Called Ra by the ancient Egyptians, Mithras by the Persians, and Apollo by the early Greeks, the sun with its magnificent prominence in the sky inevitably took the place of supreme deity among the ancients. With the advent of Greek astronomy, the sun was believed to be set in a crystal sphere, along with the moon and stars, rotating around the earth. As observation progressed and the retrograde motion of some of the planets was observed, other spheres were added, each layered over the other, until eventually 55 separate spheres were envisioned, each moving individually around the earth. This theory, presented by Aristotle, defied the later challenge of Copernicus and held sway until the combined courage and genius of such men as Galileo, Kepler, Brahe, and Newton opened the doors to modern astronomy and the sun we understand today.

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