The Sun - Statistics

About the statistics of the Sun including, size, mass, distance, temperature, and orbit length.


Statistics: The central body of our solar system, and containing 99.9% of the system's entire mass, the sun is a rather common type G1 star. One of some 100 billion stars that comprise our galaxy, it lies in the galactic disk some 30,000 light-years from the center. Its mass is approximately 330,000 times the earth's, or 1.99 x 10??27 tons. At a distance of 93 million mi. from the earth, it is 270,000 times as close to us as the next-nearest star. A yellow star, its surface temperature is approximately 6,000 deg. Kelvin (11,000 deg. F). It revolves around the galaxy one complete orbit every 225 million years. The sun's rotation on its axis is not uniform, but its mean value, or sidereal period, is 25.38 days (observed on Earth, because of the earth's revolution in the same direction as the sun's rotation, as 27.27 days).

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