Time Capsules in America LAGEOS

About the LAGEOS time capsule also know as the Laser Geodynamic Satellite designed in part by Carl Sagan.



The Laser Geodynamic Satellite (LAGEOS) launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in 1976 is a time capsule that performs a scientific function and also conveys a message to the future. The satellite is a 60-centimeter ball orbiting the earth at an altitude of 5,900 kilometers. Its purpose is to bounce back laser beams directed at it from earth, allowing accurate measurements of movements on the earth's crust to be made, LAGEOS is expected to stay aloft for nearly 10 million years.

Inside the satellite is a message designed by astronomer Carl Sagan. The message shows, without relying on English, what scientists expect the earth to look like millions of years hence. The message is dominated by three maps, showing the positions of the continents as they are believed to have been 225 million years ago, as they are presently, and as they are expected to be in 8.4 million years.

The following are a sampling of time capsules that have already been opened.

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