Tourist Sights City of Snakes in Sao Paulo Brazil

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Sight: City of Snakes.

On a portion of 700 acres that make up the Butantan Institute lies the strangest city in the world. Master-planned for the comfort, convenience, and recreation of its inhabitants, the entire city has been colorfully landscaped with broad expanses of green lawns dotted with a variety of trees, shrubs, flowers, and, here and there, a small pool or minilake. White concrete walkways curve about in free form through a beautiful parklike setting.

Placed about in an uncrowded fashion are modern condominium complexes, half-domes of white stucco with outside entrances into each apartment. Tenants love their homes and the tender loving care they receive, and they seldom bite the hand that feeds them. New residents, on being assigned to desirable apartments, learn quickly to distinguish their own from all others and will do battle with unwelcome intruders.

The unique city of venomous reptiles is a successful example of desegregation, housing the Brazilian rattler, the pit viper, and the jararaca. The city is not philanthropic. Each tenant pays its own way in venomous secretions, which are used in the manufacture of snakebite serums and of medicines for the cure of bubonic plague, diphtheria, and lockjaw.

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil, on the grounds of the Butantan Institute.

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