Tourist Sights Spook Hill in Lake Wales Florida

About the unique tourist sight Spook Hill in Lake Wales, Florida, location, history, and description of the site.



Sight: Spook Hill.

Spook Hill is the unusual name of a most unusual street in Lake Wales, Fla. Apparently no one has heard of the law of gravity there, because it is blithely disobeyed every day of the year, to the frequent amusement of both tourists and natives. When the parking brake is released, a car parked in neutral will roll mysteriously uphill, as will ball bearings, tennis balls, and Florida grapefruit dropped experimentally on the ground. Even water flows uphill on Spook Hill. Or so it seems.

"We've had all kinds of people trying to figure it out," says the city manager of Lake Wales, Carl Cheatham. "Engineers come out here with tripods and levels measuring the slope of the ground and go away shaking their heads. It's an optical illusion, of course, but exactly how it works I'll never tell. I won't be the one to destroy the mystery of the hill."

Location: Lake Wales is 55 mi. east of Tampa, Fla.

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