Tourist Sights The Hells in Beepu Japan

About the unique tourist sight the Hells or hot water springs in Beepu, Japan, location, description, and history of the springs.




Sight: "The Hells."

Famed for its hot alkaline springs called jigoku (hells), Beppu literally floats on a sea of hot water lying only a few feet below the surface. The hells range in temperature from a tepid 80 deg. F to well beyond the boiling point, and the daily flow of water amounts to about 47,000 tons. Beppuites use the immense supply for heating their homes, hotels, and inns; for cooking; and, of course, for bathing.

Among the most interesting of some 1,800 hot springs are: Chinoike, a blood-red caldron in the earth; Bozu, a furiously boiling mud pond that hurls thick brown globs of gruel into the steamy air; Umi, the largest hell (its name means "sea"), a clear, emerald pool which looks relatively cool but whose temperature is 195 deg. F.

Beppu has gone the way of many tourist at tractions in Japan; its corridors of souvenir shops reach almost to the edges of the bubbling ponds. Also among the hells are small ponds with chubby carp. One hell even has a charming hippopotamus nearby.

Location: Beppu lies on the southeast shore of Japan's Inland Sea on Kyushu island. It is the terminal point for the 16-hour boat trip across the Inland Sea from Kobe.

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