Tourist Sights The Manhattan of Tuscany in Italy

About the unique tourist sight the Manhattan of Tuscany in San Gimignano, Italy, location, description and history of the tower.




Sight: The Manhattan of Tuscany.

Instead of purchasing a Porsche or a refrigerator that dispenses ice cubes and cold water right through the door, why not impress the neighbors by building your own private tower? For homeowners in the small Italian town of San Gimignano during the 14th century, a lofty tower was the ultimate status symbol. The first turret was probably constructed for protection against the incessant street fighting between the Guelphs and the Ghibellines. But soon, for reasons of prestige, nobles began building towers of their own, each one trying to outdo the others. In a matter of a few years, 79 spires were built. Thirteen survive to this day to give San Gimignano its nickname, the Manhattan of Tuscany.

Location: The towers, rising dramatically from the Tuscan landscape and visible for miles, are 18 mi. southwest of Siena.

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