Tourist Sights The Singing Sand in Isle of Egg Scotland

About the unique tourist sight the Singing Sand in the Isle of Egg, Scotland, location, history, and description of the site.




Sight: Singing Sand.

The sandy beach of the Bay of Laig resembles most other beaches throughout the world, but actually it is quite different. When touched or walked upon, the sand emits the musical sounds of nature's string section. The sand sings. And no "Johnny One Note" song, for when you draw your hand slowly through the sand, the sounds range from soprano to bass.

Why it sings is a mystery that has been investigated repeatedly. Scientists have found that tiny grains of polished quartz have the ability to transfer vibrations and create an unbroken sound. However, there must be no dust or foreign matter present. In the laboratory, even a pinch of flour will stop the transference of vibrations.

Another question to which no one has even suggested an answer is why should uncommon sand be found on the Isle of Eigg? This matters not to the offbeat traveler who can sit quietly on the beach of the Bay of Laig and with his hand create a symphony from the singing sand.

Location: The tiny Isle of Eigg, off the west coast of Scotland, facing the Sound of Sleat in Inverness.

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