Tourist Sights The Treetops in Aberdare National Park Kenya

About the unique tourist sight the treetops of Aberdare National Park in Kenya, history, location, and description of the site.




Sight: The Treetops.

For a true African experience and a close-up view of some of the continent's most famous wildlife, spend a night at the Treetops. A hotel designed for game-viewing, the three-story structure stands on stilts. Guests look out over a large waterhole bordered by salt blocks, placed there to help attract the animals of Aberdare National Park for your viewing pleasure. You may do your wildlife watching either from the roof or from airplane seats on the veranda of each floor. Huge floodlights are turned on after dark, the better to see the game by, and they don't seem to bother the animals at all. If you're like most visitors, you'll find the pageant before you so irresistible that you'll watch far into the night. Among the species frequenting the waterhole are rhinos, water buffalo, elephants, and hyenas. If you're lucky, you may also spot the elusive bongo or an occasional leopard. Treetops gets its name from the original hotel here, which stood on the other side of the waterhole and actually was built in a tree. It could accommodate only about a dozen people. In 1952 it catapulted temporarily into the international spotlight. Elizabeth of England arrived here as a princess on Feb. 5 and departed as a queen on Feb. 6; her father, King George VI, had died in London during the night. Two Years later, Treetops was burned during the Mau Mau uprisings. The new facility accommodates 40 guests in cubbyhole-size rooms without baths and two suites with showers. Its stilt supports are placed among branches which often invade the corridors, turning them into veritable obstacle courses. At present, all guests are limited to stays of one night, and no children under 10 are allowed. You'll be served tea and dinner, but breakfast will have to wait until your return to Nyeri, the nearest town. Reservations should be made well in advance through Wildlife Lodges Ltd., New Stanley House, Standard Street, Box 47557. Nairobi, Kenya. Travel agents and some airlines will also make arrangements for your stay here.

Locations: The Treetops is about 100 mi. north of Nairobi. Nyeri, the base for visiting Aberdare National Park, is the closest town.

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