Troubleshooter's Guide to Appliances Clothes Washer

A short troubleshooting guide to help you diagnose and fix problems with your clothes washer.



Problem: Water does not run into washer.

1. Cause: Faucets not open.

Remedy: Check faucets to be sure they are open.

2. Cause: Kink in hose.

Remedy: Straighten hose.

3. Cause: Screens stopped up.

Remedy: Remove hose at faucets and/or washer and clean screens.

Problem: Water to washer is cold.

1. Cause: Inadequate hot-water supply.

Remedy: Do not use hot water for other major purposes while washer is in operation. Or, install an electric water heater with a larger capacity or an additional heater to furnish adequate hot water for all purposes.

2. Cause: Water-heater thermostat set too low.

Remedy: Have thermostat adjusted per manufacturer's instructions to obtain 150 deg. temperature at faucet.

3. Cause: Hoses reversed.

Remedy: Check hoses; if reversed, switch to proper position.

Problem: Water does not drain from washer.

1. Cause: Kink in discharge hose.

Remedy: Straighten hose. If this does not eliminate the problem, call serviceman.

Problem: Water leaks on floor.

1. Cause: Faucet or hose connections loose.

Remedy: Turn off water faucets and tighten connections. See if mixing valve is cracked.

2. Cause: Wrong kind of detergent.

Remedy: Follow manufacturer's instructions.

Problem: Water pipes vibrate excessively when washing.

1. Cause: Water hammer in pipes.

Remedy: Have risers installed in supply lines to absorb shock.

Problem: Washer vibrates when in operation, especially in spin cycle.

1. Cause: Washer not level.

Remedy: Check position of washer with level. If not perfectly level, adjust leveling screws or insert thin strips of wood under base to bring unit level.

2. Cause: Improper loading.

Remedy: Follow manufacturer's instructions on proper loading of washer.

Problem: Clothes do not get clean.

1. Cause: Water not hot enough.

Remedy: Check temperature of water with a thermometer. It should be 150 deg. . Turn up water-heater thermostat if necessary, per manufacturer's instructions. Avoid laundering right after heavy use of hot water for other purposes.

2. Cause: Insufficient detergent.

Remedy: Follow detergent manufacturer's instructions for recommended amount to use.

Problem: Clothes come out of washer too wet.

1. Cause: Controls not properly set.

Remedy: Follow manufacturer's instructions on proper control setting.

2. Cause: Washer shut off automatically because of vibration during spin cycle.

Remedy: Rearrange load to prevent vibration.

3. Cause: Not spinning properly at high speed.

Remedy: Call serviceman.

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