U.F.O. Sightings and Encounters July 25, 1948 Montgomery Alabama

About a U.F.O. sighting on July 25th, 1948 in Montgomery, Alabama, history and account of the encounter and description of the spaceship.

Encounters with UFOs



When Capt. Clarence S. Chiles and his copilot, John B. Whitted, were cleared for takeoff by the tower at Houston's airport on the night of July 24, 1948, they expected to fly an ordinary domestic passenger run to Atlanta. They brought their Eastern Airlines DC-3 to altitude and set a northeasterly course through ideal flight conditions--a few scattered high clouds, the moon only four days from being full.

By 2:45 A.M. most of the passengers were sleeping. Chiles, a pilot with 8,500 hours of flight time and combat experience in the Air Transport Command, was at the controls. Whitted was also a former military flier and an expert B-29 pilot.

Suddenly the two men leaned forward in their seats, hardly able to believe their eyes. They saw a bright light dead ahead of their DC-3, closing fast. At first they thought it must be a jet but quickly realized that even a jet could not be approaching them at such an incredible speed. Chiles took the plane into a tight left turn and the object sped by, also veering to avoid a collision.

It was 100 ft. long and twice the diameter of a B-29, but wingless and with a double row of windows through which they could see bright lights. An intense dark-blue glow emanated from the bottom, and red-orange flames shot out of the rear. Neither man heard a sound, and they saw no occupants. The craft accelerated rapidly and shot up through the clouds, rocking the much smaller DC-3 in a wash of turbulence.

Chiles's first thought was to find out if any of the passengers had seen it. He left Whitted at the controls and stepped quietly into the darkened passenger compartment. Everyone but Clarence L. McKelvie, a managing editor for American Education Press, was asleep. McKelvie had seen the object, but because of the small size of his window and a different angle of view, it had appeared to him only as a "strange, eerie streak ... very intense, not like anything I had ever seen."

The crew chief at Robbins Air Force Base in Macon, Ga., also saw a huge wingless craft that same night. His description matched that of Chiles and Whitted.

Eyewitness Report

"It was heading southwest and it flashed toward us at terrific speed. We veered to the left. It veered sharply, too, and passed us about 700 ft. to the right."--Clarence S. Chiles

Official Comment

"There is no astronomical explanation, if we accept the report at face value....It will have to be left to the psychologists to tell us whether the immediate trail of a bright meteor could produce the subjective impression of a ship with lighted windows."--Air Force Project Saucer

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