U.F.O. Sightings and Encounters November 2, 1957 Levelland, Texas

About a U.F.O. sighting on November 2nd, 1957 in Levelland, Texas, history and account of the encounter and description of the spaceship, official comment on the event.

Encounters with UFOs



The single most active period so far recorded for UFO sightings was November, 1957. In that one month the Air Force acknowledged 414 reports of sightings and admitted that there were probably many more that were not reported. This rash of sightings began with a bizarre night of UFO encounters in the small Texas town of Levelland.

Patrolman A.J. Fowler was manning the telephones on what promised to be a quiet autumn evening. The first call came in from a farm worker, Pedro Saucedo, who reported that he had encountered a torpedo-shaped ball of flame about 200 ft. long as he drove his truck along Route 116. As the object came nearer, his truck sputtered to a stop and the lights flickered out. He jumped out of his truck and barely had time to fall to the ground before the object roared over his head, coming so close that he could feel the heat.

According to Patrolman Fowler, Saucedo sounded a bit inebriated, and he didn't pay much attention to his story. But as soon as he hung up, other calls started to pour in. all the callers had a similar tale to tell.

About 8 mi. from where Saucedo had encountered the UFO, Jim Wheeler almost ran into a huge, brightly lit object shaped like an egg. His engine stopped, and his headlights went out. Newell Wright, a Texas Tech freshman, was driving on Route 116 when his car suddenly stalled. He got out to look under the hood and was confronted by what he described as a 100-ft.-long object of luminous green-blue. As he watched, it sped up into the sky.

Fowler was glued to the phone, but the town sheriff, Weir Clem, drove out onto the highway with his deputy Pat McCulloch to find out what was scaring the wits out of the people of his town. As they cruised the Oklahoma Flat Road, an enormous egg of light appeared 1,000 ft. south of them. As they radioed their report to Fowler at headquarters, they learned that another patrol car manned by Lee Hargrove and Floyd Levin had also sighted the object a few miles away. Fire Marshal Ray Jones joined the list of responsible citizens who encountered the UFO. In a three-hour period, almost two dozen calls had flooded Fowler's switchboard.

Eyewitness Report

"We didn't think much about it, but then it rose out of the field and started toward us, picking up speed. When it got nearer, the lights of my truck went out and the motor died. I jumped out and hit the deck as the thing passed directly over the truck with a great sound and a rush of wind. It sounded like thunder, and my truck rocked from the blast. I felt a lot of heat."--Pedro Saucedo

Official Comment

"It lit up the whole pavement in front of us for about two seconds... looking like a brilliant red sunset across the highway."--Sheriff Weir Clem

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