U.F.O. Sightings and Encounters October 1, 1948 Fargo, North Dakota

About a U.F.O. sighting on October 1st, 1948 in Fargo, North Dakota by an Air National Guard pilot, history and account of the encounter and description of the spaceship, official comment on the event..

Encounters with UFOs

OCT. 1, 1948--FARGO, N.D.


It was supposed to be a routine training flight for North Dakota Air National Guard pilot George F. Gorman. He was at the controls of an F-51 cruising in a clear sky with good weather conditions when the tower at Fargo gave him clearance to land as soon as a Piper Cub nearby had made its approach. As Gorman saw the small plane below him, a flash of light sped by. He called the tower and asked why they had not warned him of the presence of another aircraft. They assured him that, aside from the Piper Cub, he was alone in the sky.

Then he saw it clearly--a bright light about 8 in. in diameter, clear white in color, fuzzy at the edges. It seemed to be making a pass at the tower.

"I dived after it," Gorman later recalled, "but I couldn't catch up with the thing."

Lieutenant Gorman chased the ball of light around the sky, pushing his F-51 to its top speed, banking in turns that severely tested his aircraft, in an attempt to outmaneuver his "adversary." What some have described as an "aerial combat" was really more a game of tag high in the sky, with the UFO always handily outspeeding and outmaneuvering Gorman's plane.

In the tower, L.O. Jensen and Manuel E. Johnson passed high-powered binoculars back and forth, fascinated by what they were watching high over their heads. The Piper Cub's pilot, Dr. A.D. Cannon, an oculist, also looked on as his small plane slowly circled the field. The observations of these witnesses match Gorman's substantially, taking into consideration their distance and vantage points.

Although Gorman could never catch the UFO, he was "certain that it was governed by the laws of inertia, because its acceleration was rapid, not immediate, and although it was able to turn fairly tightly, at considerable speed, it still followed a natural curve."

Finally the object apparently became tired of its cat-and-mouse with Gorman and shot up vertically into the sky and out of sight at great speed. This, the first known duel in the sky with a UFO, had lasted exactly 27 minutes.

Eyewitness Report

"I cut sharply towards the light, which once more was coming at me! When collision seemed imminent, the object shot straight up into the air....I am convinced there was thought behind the thing's maneuvers."--Lt. George F. Gorman

Official Comment

At first Air Force investigators suggested a "weather balloon," but learned that none had been released in the area. Astronomers ruled out the possibility of meteor, star, or comet, and the reliability of Lieutenant Gorman as an observer and the fact that the object was sighted by several observers eliminated hoax or hallucination as a cause. Final official status: "Unexplained."

-Results of Air Force investigation

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