U.F.O. Sightings and Encounters September 19, 1961 New Hampshire Part 1

About a U.F.O. sighting on September 19th, 1961 in New Hampshire, history and account of the encounter and description of the spaceship, official comment on the event.

Encounters with UFOs



Betty and Barney Hill's minivacation was taken on the spur of the moment. Betty had a week off from her job as a social worker, and Barney felt an urge to get away from the routine at the post office where he worked as an assistant supervisor. He called in and requested a few days of his accumulated vacation time, and he, Betty, and their dachshund, Delsie, piled into their 1957 Chevrolet for what they had every reason to believe would be a pleasant and relaxing drive from their home in Portsmouth, N.H., to Niagara Falls.

As they headed home on the last night of their impromptu wanderings, they had no inkling that an event was about to occur that would change their lives forever. The road was smooth, the car was running quietly, their conversation was pleasant. Barney pulled off the road to let the dog out for a short walk. The sky was beautiful, no clouds, and Betty was admiring the stars, especially one very bright one-the brightest she had ever seen. Suddenly the star began to move, and she pointed it out to Barney.

"It's got to be plane," he said. "A commercial liner."

"With a crazy course like that?"

"Well, then it's a Piper Cub."

As they drove on, they noticed that the light was now tracking them, coming closer, duplicating their every turn.

"It might be a helicopter," Barney suggested, although there was absolutely no sound.

The light came closer, took on a definite shape, and through the 7 x 50 binoculars that they carried in the glove compartment Betty could see a row of windows in the side of a huge, wingless aircraft.

They were both terrified, but Barney stopped the car, and for a reason he has never fully understood, he began to walk across the moonlitfield toward the object, which was now hovering at tree height only 50 ft. away. He saw clearly delineated windows, in a double row, and behind the windows were at least six humanoid creatures. They were staring down at him.

As Barney stood transfixed, two large fins extended from the sides of the object, and an extension, perhaps a ramp, began to lower. All but one of the humanoids began to busy themselves at a large control panel behind the windows. The one remaining creature gazed down at Barney with a smile that he would never forget. Barney was overpowered with a conviction that he was about to be captured, and he ran screaming back to the car, threw it into gear, and drove off.

They lost sight of the object and drove on, too frightened to speak. But then it happened-a series of beeps that caused both Barney and Betty to become numb and drowsy. A curtain of amnesia dropped over their minds that would later take months of hypnosis by psychiatrist Dr. Benjamin Simon to lift.

What the Hills finally remembered during hypnosis of the "lost" period was that they had again encountered the UFO. As they drove along, they came to what they thought was a roadblock on the highway. A group of human-oids with gray skin and slanted eyes, the same group that Barney had seen earlier, pulled them out of their car and took them aboard their craft.

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