U.S. President Andrew Jackson First Election and Term

About the U.S. President Andrew Jackson, a brief history of his first election and presidential term.


7th President



Election: Nov. 4, 1828 . . .

The voters were once more offered a choice between "John Q. Adams, who can write, / And Andy Jackson who can fight!"

Since the candidates were in agreement on most major issues, the campaign degenerated to the level of sexual innuendo. Old Hickory's opponents concentrated on the old charge of the general's "adultery" with Rachel, while the Jackson forces countered with the absurd story that the puritan Adams had acted as a pimp to the czar while serving as ambassador to Russia.

The crucial factor in the election was the recent change in voting procedures. Property and religious qualifications had been removed almost everywhere, and twice as many voters cast ballots as ever before. The result was a landslide for Andrew Jackson, hero of the common man: Jackson won 647,292 popular votes to Adams's 507,730 and crushed Adams in the electoral college 178 to 83. The incumbent Vice-President, John C. Calhoun of South Carolina, had sensed which way the political winds were blowing and decided to run on the same ticket with Jackson. He was reelected.

First Term: Mar. 4, 1829 . . .

Jackson was sworn in by Chief Justice John Marshall. Since Jackson was still in mourning over the death of his wife, no formal festivities were planned, though an informal reception at the White House had been scheduled. Following their idol, 20,000 people jammed into the building, destroying rugs, furniture, and glassware and causing thousands of dollars' worth of damage. At one point the press of the crowd seemed to endanger the new President, so a group of young men formed a line and locked arms, allowing Jackson to escape through a rear door.

During his first term, Jackson vetoed seven bills that had been passed by Congress. By far his most celebrated veto involved the bill rechartering the Bank of the U.S. Jackson's opposition to the bank became the dominant issue in the election of 1832.

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