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34th President



Eisenhower's mother was a devout pacifist, and when she found Ike reading about battles and heroes, she took the books away and locked them in the attic. Later, when Ike planned to go away to the U.S. Military Academy, she never objected openly. But after putting her third son on the train to West Point, she went home and wept. It was the first time her family had ever seen her cry.

At West Point, Ike played left halfback on the football team. In one game, he seriously wrenched his knee while tackling the famous Jim Thorpe.

In 1949 General Ike wrote an account of his triumphant service in W.W. II. His book, Crusade in Europe, became a best-seller and netted its author $476,250 in royalties.

Maryland's famous Camp David was first established by Eisenhower as a presidential retreat. It was named in honor of Ike's grandson, David Eisenhower, the boy who later married President Nixon's daughter Julie.

As president, Ike's favorite dessert was prune whip.

In 1957, Doris Fleeson parodied Ike's speaking style with a version of the Gettysburg Address, translated into Eisenhowerese, beginning: "I haven't checked these figures, but 87 years ago, I think it was, a number of individuals organized a governmental set-up here in this country. I believe it covered certain Eastern areas, with this idea they were following up based on a sort of national independence arrangement and the program that every individual is just as good as every other individual."

On Oct. 10, 1957, Eisenhower invited Komala Agbeli Gbedemah, finance minister of Ghana, to come to breakfast at the White House. The invitation was intended to make up for an insult of three days before, when the foreign dignitary had been ordered out of a Dover, Del., restaurant because "colored people are not allowed to eat in here."

As president, Eisenhower used to practice his putts on the White House lawn. When squirrels interfered with his golfing concentration, the President ordered that they be box-trapped and removed.

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