U.S. President Jimmy Carter Little-Known Facts

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39th President



At age four, Jimmy refused to put his penny in the church plate as it passed before him and instead filched another penny to double his holdings. For this he received the first of six peach-switch floggings from his father. Carter says that this is the last money he ever stole.

At age five, Jimmy Carter hawked boiled peanuts on the streets of Plains, picking up as much as $10 a week for his trouble. Four years later, he invested his savings in five bales of cotton and sold them a few years later at a 300% profit.

Carter actually did not grow up in Plains, but in Archery, Ga., an unincorporated, largely black community just west of Plains.

At age 12, Jimmy sat down to read War and Peace, but was disappointed to find neither cowboys nor Indians in it.

As a dedicated Baptist, Carter has worked in slum missions in both Atlanta and New York, as well as in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Carter was only 5 ft. 3 in. tall when he entered college. He grew 3 in. his freshman year and another 4 in. before graduating from Annapolis.

Carter wears a soft contact lens in his right eye to correct the blurred vision he experiences while reading.

Carter's flat feet nearly kept him out of Annapolis. To pass the physical, he rolled his sagging arches over Coke bottles every day until they met navy requirements. He is the only president to have graduated from the Naval Academy.

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