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39th President



"Jimmy has never liked surprises. If something was planned, he wanted to know if it had been done, and if it hadn't, he wanted to know why, and then put it on the next day's schedule. He's a great man for schedules."--Jody Powell, Carter's press secretary

"What he needs to do is get out and fish some. . . . He's just getting more paperwork than he ought to be handling."--Charles Kirbo, Carter's close friend and adviser, 1977

"I've never seen Jimmy sit down to breakfast without a book or paper."--Lillian Carter

"He never got into fights with other boys and pulled hair."--Lillian Carter

"He tends to hit too hard, he doesn't just tap people."--Carter pollster Pat Caddell, 1976

"The New York Times told the liberals he was liberal, the conservatives thought he was conservative, and the moderates thought he was moderate. In Iowa he had both the abortion vote and the antiabortion vote, he had labor and anti-labor. He had opposites on all sides. In politics, you can't do that, but he's done it."--Rep. Morris Udall, 1976

"I see a sincere man. Carter loves people, and that means all people. I know the man's heart and his intent."--Rev. Martin Luther King, Sr.

"He has become our first television president. People always said that about Kennedy, but they were wrong. Kennedy was a man of words. I don't think Carter does very well with words."--LBJ's Press Secretary George Reedy, 1977

"He is original and stubborn. He is a good listener and weighs all advice, but the decision he makes is his own."--Hugh Carter, 1978

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