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39th President



"I've got $5 but I'd flush it down the toilet before I'd give it to you."--Statement when asked to join the racist White Citizens Council

"I think the establishment of Israel . . . is a fulfillment of biblical prophecy. I think God wants the Jews to have a place to live."

"I can get up at nine and be rested or I can get up at six and be president."

"Last night when I was commenting on the FBI and the CIA, the sound went off for 27 minutes. I should have known better."--After first debate, September, 1976

"If I ever give another interview on the biblical sins of pride and lust, it will be to the reporter from Our Sunday Visitor."--October, 1976

". . . When I go out of office, if I'm elected, at the end of four years or eight years, I hope people will say, 'You know, Jimmy Carter made a lot of mistakes, but he never told me a lie!'"--May, 1976

"The passage of the civil rights acts during the 1960s was the greatest thing to happen to the South in my lifetime. It lifted a burden from the whites as well as the blacks."

"I don't know, it may be that poor people are the only ones who commit crimes, but I do know that they are the only ones who serve prison sentences."

"Watch me closely during the campaign, because I won't be any better a president than I am a candidate."--1976

"We are, of course, a nation of immigrants, but some of us too often forget that the question isn't when we came here, but why we came here. Our nation has been called a melting pot. I think of it more as a mosaic, one to which many groups make their own distinct contribution."--October, 1976

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