U.S. President Jimmy Carter Vital Statistics

About the U.S. President Jimmy Carter, his birth and death date and location.

39th President



Born: Oct. 1, 1924, in Plains, Ga. Nearly a three-hour drive from the Atlanta airport, the tiny town of Plains squats on U.S. 280 in southwest Georgia. Before the Carter candidacy, Plains was on only the most regional of maps. During the campaign it became a familiar dateline in newspapers around the country. Ironically, there is considerable doubt whether Plains, population 650, will survive the Carter presidency resembling in any way the friendly, sleepy community it was in 1975. Property values have skyrocketed as speculators stroll into town to offer wide-eyed locals astronomical sums for their little patch of red Georgia clay. Summertime tourists swell the transient population to as many as 10,000. Souvenirs have replaced peanuts as the main cash crop. Carter T-shirts go for $7.50, a Jimmy Carter bottle opener fetches $4.00, and peanuts are served up in authentic Plains bags for $1.25 a pound. Plains Baptist Church, Jimmy's church, is now locked up weekdays to minimize the costly pilfering of hymnals and other religious souvenirs. All this has proved too much for brother Billy Carter, who has moved his family outside of the town and commutes to his Amoco gas station. Jimmy's mother, Miss Lillian, who smiled through thousands of handshakes and daily intrusions, finally posted a sign outside her home announcing, "Positively No Visitors." Five separate tours ($2.50 each) ply the streets of Plains. Only one, the Carter Country Tour, actually stops at the modest yellow house west of town where Carter grew up. No motels yet serve Plains. Nearest accommodations are in Americus.

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