U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson Quotes from Johnson Part 1

About the U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson quotes, quotations, and sayings of Johnson.

36th President



"Yes, government is the son of a poor tenant farmer from Texas who is speaking to you tonight."--Speech to Boy Scout Jamboree, July 23, 1964

"I am going to always, when I am dealing with the Republicans, do like I do when I am dealing with other people in the world. I am going to keep my guard up and my hand out."--Apr. 21, 1964

"Nobody in this world can put on a political rally like that great executive Dick Daley of Chicago. He makes it so much fun being a Democrat that you don't see how anybody could be anything else."--Oct. 30, 1964, in Chicago, Ill.

"So what you do is just reach up there and get that lever and just say 'All the Way with LBJ.'... I am depending on you young folks, who are going to have to fight our wars, and who are going to get blown up if we have a nuclear holocaust. I am depending on you to have enough interest in what is ahead of you to get up and prod Mama and Papa and make them get up early and go vote."--Oct. 31, 1964

"When I get out of that car, you can just see them light up and feel the warmth coming up at you.... Those Negroes go off the ground. They cling to my hands like I was Jesus Christ walking in their midst."--1964

"So here is the Great Society. It's the time--and it's going to be soon--when nobody in this country is poor.... It's the time--and there's no point in waiting--when every boy or girl has the right to all the education that he can absorb. It's the time when every slum is gone from every city in America, and America is beautiful. It's the time when man gains full dominion under God over his destiny. It's the time of peace on earth and good will among men."--Oct. 12, 1964

"Oh, what I perceive for this nation in the year 2000 is so exciting to me that I just hope the doctors hurry up and get busy and let me live that long."--Oct. 8, 1964

"You know, Congress can't take much at once. If you take a jigger of bourbon at a time, you can drink for a long time. But if you drink a pint all at once, it'll come up on you."--July 14, 1965

"I have the ablest staff that ever served any president in my memory. There's not a playboy among them. They aren't sitting around drinking whiskey at eleven o'clock at night. They aren't walking around with their zippers unbuttoned."

"Never trust a man whose eyes are too close to his nose."

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