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3rd President



"Mr. Jefferson displays a mild, easy and obliging temper, though he is somewhat cold and reserved. His conversation is of the most agreeable kind, and he possesses a stock of information not inferior to that of any other man. In Europe, he would hold a distinguished rank among men of letter."--A touring Frenchman, La Rochefoucauld, after a visit in 1796

"Allowances ought to be made for a habit in Mr. Jefferson as in others of great genius of expressing in strong and round terms impressions of the moment."--James Madison

"He was a mixture of profound and sagacious observation, with strong prejudices and irritated passions."--John Quincy Adams

"Mr. Jefferson is one of the most amiable, learned, upright and able men who ever existed."--Marquis de Lafayette

"He brought to the Congress a reputation for literature, science and a happy talent of composition. . . . He was so prompt, frank, explicit and decisive upon committees and in conversation that he soon seized upon my heart."--John Adams, 1776

"He thinks by this step to get a reputation as a humble, modest, meek man, wholly without ambition or vanity. He may have deceived himself into this belief. But if the prospect opens, the world will see and he will feel that he is as ambitious as Oliver Cromwell."--John Adams, 1793, on Jefferson's announced "retirement"

"Should the infidel Jefferson be elected to the Presidency, the seal of death is that moment set on our holy religion, our churches will be prostrated, and some infamous prostitute, under the title of goddess of reason, will preside in the sanctuaries now devoted to the worship of the most High."--New England Palladium, 1800

"The principles of Jefferson are the axioms of a free society."--Abraham Lincoln

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