UFOS and The Humanoids by Charles Bowen

An excerpt from the book The Humanoids by Charles Bowen a look at documented UFO sightings and extraterrestials.

THE HUMANOIDS-A SURVEY OF WORLDWIDE REPORTS OF LANDINGS OF UNCONVENTIONAL AERIAL OBJECTS AND THEIR ALLEGED OCCUPANTS by Charles Bowen, editor, Gordon Creighton, Donald B. Hanlon, Coral Lorenzen, Aime Michel, W. T. Powers, Antonio Ribera, and Jacques Vallee. Chicago: Henry Regnery Company, 1969.

About the Book: Fate magazine has called The Humanoids "one of the truly great UFO books." This book includes over 300 fully documented reports of spaceship landings and sightings and, more interestingly, of their inhabitants. There are many personal accounts of dialogues and interchanges with "outer-space" beings throughout the world. The bulk of The Humanoids consists of these reports, along with some analyses of the findings. The Humanoids alternately makes amusing, exciting, and chilling reading; but even if you are a skeptic, we think you will find it difficult to put down.

From the Book:

Probably the Grandaddy of all "occupant" sightings in the United States is that which occurred on August 22, 1955, at the home of the Sutton family, near Hopkinsville, Kentucky. The basic details include the beginning of the episode, when visiting relative Bill Taylor went out to the well for a drink and came back to tell of a "spaceship" which had landed in a nearby field. Just a scant few minutes later the aroused household saw a small spectrelike figure approaching the house. It appeared to be lit by an internal source, had a roundish head, huge elephantine ears, and a slitlike mouth which extended from ear to ear. The eyes were huge and wide-set. Only about 3 or 3 1/2 feet in height, the creature had no visible neck, and its arms were long and ended in clawed hands. Although it stood upright, it dropped to all fours when it ran.

According to the Suttons, several of these creatures roamed the area adjacent to the house, climbed trees and climbed up on the roof. At one point Sutton fired a shotgun through the screen door at one of the little creatures. Although struck and knocked over by the blast, the little creature got up and scuttled away on his hands and feet. Later, Taylor walked out by the same door, only to be confronted by one of the creatures on the roof, apparently grabbing for his head.

This weird sequence of events continued for the greater part of one night, and finally the family scrambled to the car and drove into town to report their plight. Deputy Sheriff George Batts and two Kentucky state police came to the house, but found no evidence of the little men's presence or the spaceship. However, researchers who interviewed the Suttons and carefully investigated the whole affair, including Isabel Davis of New York (Civilian Saucer Investigations), were inclined to believe the incident did take place. Local investigators, including Chief of Police Greenwell, said that "something scared those people-something beyond reason-nothing ordinary." One investigator with medical experience noted Sutton's rapid pulse beat of 140 beats per minute, which is twice the normal rate.

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