United States Trivia and History Quiz Answers Part 1

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1. The Iolani Palace, situated on 11 acres of ground, is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. The palace was built in 1882, and from its throne room King Kalakaua and then Queen Liliuokalani reigned. The palace came under U.S. jurisdiction when Hawaii was annexed in 1898, and became an official American palace when Hawaii became a state. The building is now controlled by the U.S. Dept. of Land and Natural Resources, and in the last eight years $6 million has been spent to restore it.

2. Alaska.

3. The Gorges family owned the state of Maine, but in 1677 Massachusetts paid the Gorges heirs pound 1,250 for it.

4. Experts estimate the number of Indians in what was to become the U.S. as 1,115,000.

5. The first U.S. site to see the sun is Mt. Katahdin, Me.

6. Virginia stretches 95 mi. farther to the west than West Virginia.

7. Salt Lake City, U. In 1848 the sudden appearance of flocks of gulls saved crops near the Great Salt Lake from an invasion of grasshoppers. The Sea Gull Monument, on Temple Square in this city, is dedicated to the gulls, "in grateful remembrance of the mercy of God to the Mormon pioneers."

8. Truth or Consequences, N.M. Ralph Edwards's radio and TV program offered to hold its 10th anniversary show in any city that would change its name to Truth or Consequences. The people of Hot Springs, N.M., picked up on the offer. On Mar. 31, 1950, they voted 4 to 1 for the new name. Each year on Apr. 1, Truth or Consequences, N.M., holds a fiesta with Ralph Edwards and Bob Barker as guest stars.

9. In Seattle. Lumberjacks there called the town's run-down section "skid road" after the greased log paths, or skid roads, on which logs were slid down to the river. Later the term became "skid row." Once a man hit skid row, he was sliding fast and it was hard to stop.

10. From 1784 to 1788, the eastern portion of what is now Tennessee was so called in honor of Benjamin Franklin.

11. Yes, seven of the signers were born in the British Isles and came to America as immigrants. These were: Francis Lewis, from Wales; Robert Morris, from England; James Smith, from Ireland; George Taylor, from Ireland; Matthew Thornton, from Ireland, James Wilson, from Scotland; and John Witherspoon, from Scotland.

12. Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Utah, Texas, Massachusetts, North and South Dakota.

13. The Marquis de Lafayette, on his last visit to the U.S. in 1824, was voted "one complete township of land" in Florida by a Congress grateful for his help to George Washington during the Revolutionary War. Although Lafayette never saw his Florida property, he once sent Achille Murat, son of Napoleon's sister and a French marshal, to colonize it, but this didn't work out. After Lafayette's death in 1825, his heirs sold off the land--currently the site of Tallahassee.

14. This is a popular nickname for North Dakota, which abounds with flickertails, or Richardson ground squirrels.

15. Saint Augustine, Fla.

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