Uranus - Astrology and Astrological View

About Uranus's role in astrology and different astrological views on Uranus.


Astrological View: If the discovery of Uranus created a sensation among astronomers, it brought consternation to the ranks of contemporary astrologers. How could they account for the influences of a previously unknown planet, and what should they do about horoscopes already cast? It must be said that astrology rose to meet the challenge and soon divined to the satisfaction of its adherents Uranus's import in earthly affairs. Astrologers presently associate Uranus "with the circulatory system, physical changes, sexual perversion and deviation; paralysis, cramp, sudden nervous breakdown; modern science-aeronautics, radio and television, space travel; science fiction." Positive Uranian traits can make an individual humanitarian, friendly, kind, independent, original, and inventive; negative Uranian traits can make an individual cranky, eccentric, perverse, abnormal, and rebellious. Astrologers generally consider Uranus to be an "exceptional, independent entity, endowed with powers over human generations rather than individuals."

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