What if Hitler Had Won the Second World War? Part 3

About what might have happened if Hitler had won World War II, an alternate view on world history.

What If Hitler Had Won The Second World War?

Hitler was furious at this Japanese attack on American and British possessions in the Far East. It revived the Anglo-Saxon comradeship in arms. His enemy Winston Churchill now emerged from a year of Canadian chill and obscurity. He traveled across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the U.S., making fiery speeches, dauntless in the face of enraged Republican clubwomen, who pelted him with apple pies. In 1944 Charles A. Lindbergh ("as American as apple pie") won the presidency in a landslide. In the Battle of the Philippine Sea, the joint American-British fleets (many British warships had come to the U.S. in 1940) destroyed the Japanese navy. Stalin now approached Lindbergh and suggested that the Soviet Union enter the war against Japan, but Lindbergh refused. He tried, instead, to reach some kind of an agreement with Hitler whereby the latter would recognize the existence of a Pacific Confederation, composed of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the U.S. These negotiations were eventually leaked to the press. President Lindbergh, habitually vexed by publicity, announced that he would not seek the presidency again. The Republicans nominated and elected Robert A. Taft, who took an unknown California politician, Richard Nixon, as his running mate. The negotiations between the U.S. and the Third Reich remained unresolved.

Such was the state of the world when the Mediterranean crisis opened in 1950. Mussolini--who, like Hitler, was getting old and sick--wanted to establish Italy not only as the dominant power but as the actual ruler of the Mediterranean. He announced the disestablishment of the Italian monarchy and the erection of a new Roman Empire, with his son, Vittorio (who had married the Hollywood actress Betty Grable), as proconsul of the western Mediterranean and commander in chief of the Italian legions in the territories of France and Spain. Popular revolts now occurred in these countries. In France, a previously unknown Colonel de Gaulle called for a rising against all occupiers. Crowds of Spanish women and children hooted and hissed at the Italian soldiery, who retreated to Majorca in the face of such overwhelming force. The Germans sent troops into France and Spain but found that they were facing a guerrilla war of Napoleonic proportions. "Lucky" Luciano, who had been deported from the U.S. to Italy earlier, rose to power in Sicily, demanding its admission to the American Union. The Germans now saw that they did not have enough troops to police an entire continent. It was at this time that the famous Poetry Reading of Simbirsk took place. A Soviet army captain, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, read a poetic declaration in a public square, accusing Stalin of vast crimes and of abject groveling in front of the German occupiers. Thousands of Russians shouted their approval. The police were helpless. That night, in Omsk, Nikita Khrushchev, a little-known member of the Politburo, read the accusations in Stalin's face. The latter was struck by apoplexy. The exact circumstances of his death remain obscure. What was evident was that the people's hatred for the Germans was coming to the surface all over Slavic Europe.

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