What if Hitler Had Won the Second World War? Part 4

About what might have happened if Hitler had won World War II, an alternate view on world history.

What If Hitler Had Won The Second World War?

Hitler was now in his 60s and rapidly failing. The multiplying troubles on the edges of his empire weighed on his mind. His speeches exhorted the German people to act with utmost brutality, to put fear into the hearts of their opponents; but his rhetoric had lost its earlier appeal. After 10 years of relative peace, millions of Germans were no longer at arms; German youth was no longer fired by Richard Wagner or Horst Wessel; their contemporary idols were, rather, Bing Crosby and Glenn Miller. On Apr. 30, 1952, Hitler died. Immediately, a power struggle broke out in Berlin. After two days the army defeated the police forces of the SS. Himmler was arrested and Goebbels was shot. The coup had been well prepared. A triumvirate, consisting of General von Stauffenberg, Albert Speer, and Admiral Canaris, took over. It proclaimed that the destiny of the German people was to uphold law and order in Europe, instead of ruling over other peoples by force alone. Most of the German viceroys across the continent rallied around them. Lord Protector Hess announced the removal of German troops from British soil. He also expressed his wish to be henceforth considered an Englishman. The grateful queen, upon her return to London, conferred on him the title of Duke of Wessex. In June, Winston Churchill returned to England and announced that he would stand for Parliament again.

The Congress of Berlin, meeting in late 1952, laid down the ground plan for the eventual unification of Europe. There were, of course, troubles in many places (De Gaulle's Free French troops occupied the Channel Islands, refusing to give them up to the British), but it was becoming obvious that, finally, 12 years after the end of W.W.II, an era of peace and prosperity could be dawning upon the world. It will be recalled that at this time political unrest in the U.S. was, for the first time in a century, more acute and disturbing than in the long-suffering Old World. Vice-President Nixon was found to have encouraged his aides to break into the headquarters of the Democratic party in Washington, D.C., as well as having approved other illegal activities. A restive Congress now threatened him with impeachment. He had to resign. In the 1952 elections, the Democrats were swept back into power. One of their first acts was to offer an honorary American citizenship to Winston Churchill. The old warrior was now campaigning for the cause of an English speaking union.

How ironic, indeed, is the course of history! Few politicians have failed as dismally in office as had Churchill in 1940--yet soon after his death, his dream came true. In 1966 the Confederation of English-speaking Nations came into existence, 13 years after the European Union had been formed; and in that year, for the first time, the president of the European Union was not a German. The last legendary figure of W.W.II, Field Marshal Rommel, died in 1970. Shortly before his death he made a speech. "Did Hitler win the Second World War? It was all a big mistake," he said.

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